Longway Bank Wood Charcoal


Locally made Barbecue Charcoal that is easy to light and ready to cook in 15 minutes.

Made from native hardwood trees that have been felled as part of the restorative management of Longway Bank Wood, near Wirksworth. It takes about 24 hours to convert this timber into charcoal using traditional methods and a 6ft ring kiln, before it is then graded and bagged by hand. Grown and made locally it is a great alternative to imported charcoal which comes from all over the world often from dubious sources.

This charcoal just needs a couple of bits of newspaper and maybe a few twigs to get it going – no nasty petroleum based liquids, sprays, gels, fluids or blocks needed resulting in a healthier, tastier barbecue. It then provides a good even temperature burn for easy cooking. Enjoy!

£6.50 a bag.

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Lovely Local Charcoal